A Chat With Ed McKeever, Filmmaker and Creator of The Beast Comes At Midnight

By Krysti – May 11,2021

A Chat With Ed McKeever, Filmmaker and Creator of The Beast Comes At Midnight – Orlando Decoded

A movie based on Gibsonton’s carnie history will be shot locally

By Paul Guzzo – May 11,2021

“The Beast Comes at Midnight,” it was inspired by the sideshow attraction known as Wolf Boy.

A movie based on Gibsonton’s carnie history will be shot locally (tampabay.com)

Werewolf Movie To Film In FishHawk, Extras Needed

By Michelle Caceres -April 30, 2021

Werewolf Movie To Film In FishHawk, Extras Needed | Osprey Observer



TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2021 | Exclusives,News

First info & art, exclusive comments: Charles Bronson lookalike vs. a werewolf in “THE BEAST COMES AT MIDNIGHT” – Rue Morgue (rue-morgue.com)

In Honor of #TeamBeast Outstanding Public Relations and Marketing Director Jenny Todd’s Birthday we wanted to announce that her and her awesome husband Phil will be attending SPOOKY EMPIRE! The event is May 30th through May 2nd in Orlando Florida! Jenny and Phil will be walking amongst the horror faithful and spreading the word about our Tampa Area Werewolf Feature! If you see them wish Jenny a Happy Birthday and take a few minutes to chat monsters running wild in Tampa! And you never know who else from our cast and crew might join the party!!! Join Us! Wyndham Orlando Resort!

This Weekend in TAMPA FLORIDA come hang out with the #TeamBeast Family! Join us at Tampa Bay Screams! The Team will be walking around on Saturday March 20TH handing out promo cards stickers and autographs for the next great American Werewolf Feature! Just look for the fine people below. Say hello. Get engaged with our project and discuss getting involved! We can’t wait to see you! It will be a real Howl!!! In attendance Producer Big Ed, Artist Steve Gray, Actor Mad Mike, Public Relations and Marketing Director Jenny Todd and Actor Phil Todd.

Tampa Bay Screams 2021 1200 N. Westshore Blvd., Tampa Florida 33607

Welcome Marketing and Public Relations Director Jenny Todd to the #TeamBeast Family! Let’s give a big welcome to the newest member of our Werewolf Family. Jenny Todd has tremendous talent and amazing fresh ideas for #TheBeastComesAtMidnight Marketing and Public Relations. Jenny’s Professionalism and film business savvy are unbelievably impressive.

Jenny gained her innovative business/marketing knowledge while at Franklin Templeton, and successfully applied those Marketing Strategies and PR skills to the Florida Indie Film Industry. Bubba the Redneck Werewolf, Where the Land Meets the Sky, Beautiful Lost, Wickedtober, Survival of the Apocalypse, Reverend, An Angel and a Saint, and Click Reset Repeat.

Welcome to #TeamBeast! Can’t wait to make the Next Great American Werewolf Feature right here in Central Florida this Summer with you!!!! #TampaWerewolf#WerewolfYes 

February 20th in beautiful Downtown Bartow Florida. Come meet THE BEAST COMES AT MIDNIGHT Team! Get some cool signed swag and discuss monsters and movies with Cast and Crew! Or sign up for our costumed performer contest where one participant will be offered a role in The Beast Movie as a featured creature! See you all Saturday the 20th at The BEAST UNLEASHED Invades at The Rize Of The Robots at SYFY BARTOW!

More Killer NEWS Awaits You below…

Nowhere is Safe! The Beast is coming!!! Filming in Central Florida Summer 2021!