Join Us Saturday June 11TH in Tampa

Saturday June 11TH Enjoy a FREE and Open to The Public First Look Screening of our Tampa Werewolf Feature! Tampa Theatre! Doors Open 1PM! Show begins at 2PM with a post event Q and A! Come meet Cast! Get some Giveaways and find out what we are up to next! We will even announce the date of our Theatrical Summer Run! It is an event to NOT be missed! Join Us Saturday June 11TH! The Beast Comes at Midnight presented by Tampa Theatre, Film Tampa Bay and Showtown American Pictures!

So much news…

We have so much to share with you since our last blog update. The movie is complete, and we can’t wait to show it to with the world. The film has evolved into so much more than we had hoped for. A monster movie with an appeal for young and old audiences alike. With an amazingly talented group of Florida film professionals and awesome cast this feature will be sure to please. We will be posting more updates soon but until then enjoy our recently dropped poster for The Beast Comes at Midnight featuring our young talented cast and screen legends Michael Pare and Eric Roberts. Please follow the daily updates on our social media pages. See you at the movies soon. Thank you for all of your support. #TeamBeast


The last few weeks we have had the pleasure of auditioning tremendous talent. Announced a few new cast additions on Cast page. Hoping to finalize the rest this week. Many thanks to everyone that auditioned. Thank You to Director Robert A. Masciantonio and Production Team Member Steve Gray for making for one amazing virtual audition process! Truly Appreciated by the Producers and all of the wonderful talent! More news to come!

” BEAST ” Producer Big Ed McKeever in a Conversation with the Talented Gentlemen of HORROR 365.

Watch Ed Talk Horror, Monster Movies, Bronzi, Gibtown, 100 Acres of Hell, Our Upcoming Beast Movie and Security Stories in America’s Playground with Jimmy J and The South Jersey Slasher Brian. We have a fun conversation and drop some names of friends, family, the famous and the infamous. Give a listen support #TeamBeast!

Listen to Ed Jimmy J and Brian at the Link Below.

Horror 365 E17- Big Ed McKeever Writer of “The Beast Comes Out At Midnight”! – YouTube

Casting Calls for Beast Movie have begun.

Want to be in our Tampa area Werewolf Feature? Read the casting calls below. Then send your pictures, snapshots, IMDb pages, reels and resumes and/or anything you think may make you perfect for one of these parts. EMAIL

TOM: A Security Guard. A genuine ‘Flashlight Cop’ who works the night shift. Unkempt. Preferably a bit overweight. Big personality. Good comic timing. 
TRINI: Pretty High School girl. Earthy and mature appearance. Prefer 18+ actress to portray high school student.  
MUTT KAPLAN: High School football player. Loud mouth and sidekick of the ‘popular guy’. Short and a bit hairy for his age. Crass and unlikable. Good comedic timing. Prefer 18+ actor portraying a high school student. 
MR BURDICK: Older balding teacher. Over 50 years of age. Comfortable in an ugly sportscoat and old fashion. Hurried and easily agitated. Any ethnicity. 
MERDLE: African American. Older. Preferably heavyset. Strong. Confident. Big personality. Southern charm. Nurturing and protective. In her 50’s. 
HAROLD: A balding burly man. Sleazy lawyer type. Has money and likes to show it. 
Linda: Middle aged woman. Shrill voice. A bit of a nag. 
CARLITO: Stout Latin man. Food purveyor. Owns the local food truck. Consider himself a world class chef. 
TONY: A New York Pizza guy in his 40’s. Rough. Gruff. Loud. Fashions himself a bit of a tough guy.