Want to be in our Tampa area Werewolf Feature? Read the casting calls below. Then send your pictures, snapshots, IMDb pages, reels and resumes and/or anything you think may make you perfect for one of these parts. EMAIL Tampa.Beast.Casting@gmail.com

TOM: A Security Guard. A genuine ‘Flashlight Cop’ who works the night shift. Unkempt. Preferably a bit overweight. Big personality. Good comic timing. 
TRINI: Pretty High School girl. Earthy and mature appearance. Prefer 18+ actress to portray high school student.  
MUTT KAPLAN: High School football player. Loud mouth and sidekick of the ‘popular guy’. Short and a bit hairy for his age. Crass and unlikable. Good comedic timing. Prefer 18+ actor portraying a high school student. 
MR BURDICK: Older balding teacher. Over 50 years of age. Comfortable in an ugly sportscoat and old fashion. Hurried and easily agitated. Any ethnicity. 
MERDLE: African American. Older. Preferably heavyset. Strong. Confident. Big personality. Southern charm. Nurturing and protective. In her 50’s. 
HAROLD: A balding burly man. Sleazy lawyer type. Has money and likes to show it. 
Linda: Middle aged woman. Shrill voice. A bit of a nag. 
CARLITO: Stout Latin man. Food purveyor. Owns the local food truck. Consider himself a world class chef. 
TONY: A New York Pizza guy in his 40’s. Rough. Gruff. Loud. Fashions himself a bit of a tough guy. 

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